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Client Testimonials

Rach Paterson

"Late in 2013, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and had several superannuation policies in my name, with different claim rules and cover for each. I was in no condition to wade through the minefield of superannuation Terminal Illness, Income Protection and Permanent Disability claims and rules for each. Thus, I employed the services of Greg Felsman and Associates to help me manage this complicated process.

At every step, I felt I was being looked after. This was important to me so as I didn’t feel I was ‘getting lost in the system’. They kept me up to date with progress without being asked, but did not inconvenience me with minor ‘red tape’ requests. Both Greg Felsman and Cassandra Troy were always completely friendly and personable during the process.

When one fund started to play ‘hardball’, the depth of knowledge, professionalism and unequivocal tenacity of Greg Felsman and Associates was faultless. Despite being up against one of the biggest industry super funds in Australia, their persistence and belief was unwavering, and achieved the just result – a David vs Goliath win.

I cannot recommend highly enough the services of Greg Felsman and Associates.

In fact, I will now be moving all my investment needs to Greg Felsman and Associates, as an investment provider that I trust implicitly and, in my judgement, provide experience and result second to none."

Wayne Sorensen

"I have been a client of Greg Felsman and Associates since 2005 following a recommendation from a professional colleague. At this time my finances were in some disarray and I had no direction or financial plan other than to think I would like to retire at 60 but could not see how this might happen.

Following an initial consultation an investment strategy was developed pursuant to my circumstances and has been constantly monitored and reassessed to ensure continued suitability.

Greg, Cass and staff have been professional and friendly in all our dealings, accessible at all times to discuss any aspects of my finances and go to great lengths to be certain that I understand and agree with the strategies employed.

The financial plan developed for me has been successful to the extent that I have recently been able to retire at age 59.

Many thanks for your past and continued support."

Roxina Sharma

"I have been dealing with Greg and Cassandra at GFA Wealth for a number of years. After initial consultation Greg had set up an income protection and life insurance policy best suited for my needs. I have recently sustained a back injury which has restricted my return to work in a full time capacity.

I could not be happier with the level of cover these policies have provided me. It has greatly assisted me in taking appropriate time away from work, time much needed for recovery and management of my injury and ensuring safe return to work in a timely manner. As a single income household I would not have been able to afford this without the level of cover my income protection policy has provided me.

I am greatly appreciative of Greg’s expertise in choosing such an appropriate policy for me and Cassandra’s ongoing support in explaining policy details as well as ensuring my ongoing claims are completed in an efficient manner.

At all times Greg and Cassandra have dealt with me in a very professional, compassionate and enormously helpful manner. There has never been a case where phone calls or emails have not been responded to in a timely manner, a fantastic example of great customer service!

I would highly recommend Greg’s services to anyone who needs it."

Jim & Sue Alexander

"I first got involved with GFA Wealth in 2002. Greg was a big help for me to close and move monies from another institution to start as my financial adviser.

GFA Wealth have been very helpful to me and my wife when I retired in 2008 providing all the necessary information to Centrelink for my pension payments.

If you and your spouse are looking for an honest and professional financial adviser my wife and I would strongly recommend GFA Wealth."

Ken & Shelly Brown

"We have been involved with Greg Felsman for about fifteen years, first as our advisor for income protection insurance and since 2005 as our financial advisor.

Greg has always given us good advice and I feel very comfortable dealing with him, as he is an honest operator and explains things to us in a manner we can understand.

In the past few years we have also been advised by Cassandra Troy, who like Greg is very efficient, honest and easy to work with.

We were always wary of financial advisors until we began to work with Greg and Cass, but they have turned that attitude around to one of complete confidence, as our financial situation and management has vastly improved since we began our association.

I have recommended Greg & Cass to many of our friends and those who now work with them are also happy with the outcome.

The best thing we have done regarding our future financial security is to get involved with Professional Investment Services. I just wish we had done it years earlier."

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